The Long and winding road

Posted:04-07-2017 | by Matt Tuttlebee - Nenagh

Travelling a long winding road, two fresh faced Bible College graduates hand in hand arrived into the rural town of Nenagh in County Tipperary.   Fifteen and a half years ago the journey of church planting began from knowing only one family to uncountable acquaintances, from the lonely nights longing to belong, to the aching hearts that will have to say goodbye to lifelong friends come June.  We began with the optimism of two newlyweds, to at times waking up to an overwhelming burden and an unspeakable delight of four special accomplices! 

From a voyage of discovery about ourselves, learning to be the people God wanted us to become, being comfortable in our own skin, aware of our weaknesses and flaws and realising our God uses broken vessels.  We’ve trekked up steep mountain paths alongside people with deep troubles, not realising it was possible to hurt that much.  We’ve accompanied the lost on broken paths with tears, attempting to point people to the way to be found.  We’ve held hands with people dawdling in the darkness, knowing only Jesus can chase away the darkness and bring light to the path!  When once we thought, a pioneering trail was being blazed, we realised God had been there before.  Where once we thought we had the answers, it’s been exposed that He is the answer.   From moving to help others, we’ve understood we’ve been helped ourselves.  From once dreaming of what we might accomplish to looking back over what God has done and is still doing!   Church planting is a hard-meandering path where we have uncovered the precious truth of God’s constant presence.  There have been times when our hearts have been in our mouths at the pinnacle of the rollercoaster hurtling seemingly out of control towards certain carnage, with twists and turns that have unsettled the soul – the ups and the downs have coached a dependence on God and a deep life of more of this article in 'ABCInsight' magazine. If you would like to subscribe please contact the office on 00 44 (0) 28 92619267.

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