Our Story

Baptist Missions is the missionary arm of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland. In 1977 the Irish Baptist Home Mission (1888) and the Irish Baptist Foreign Mission (1924) merged to become Baptist Missions.

Our mandate is the Great Commission given to His Church by the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew 28:16-20.

Our aim is to bring the gospel that God has revealed in His Word, the Holy Scriptures, to a world in need of His salvation. God has provided eternal salvation through the substitutionary death of His Son. By grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone, a  person is justified before God and restored into a right relationship with Him, enjoying the free gift of eternal life.

We see the Great Commission being all about people coming to a living faith in the Lord Jesus, getting baptised and becoming part of a local family of believers, i.e. a local church, and growing in their faith and becoming more like Christ, to the glory of God.

Our strategy

With workers and mission partners serving in France, Ireland, Peru and Spain our strategy is to work with existing Baptist churches in these countries to reach out and plant new churches, and to help those existing and new churches to grow and develop spiritually and numerically. We also partner with other like-minded church associations and agencies to further these aims. 

Proclaiming Christ & Planting Churches