Our Partners in the Gospel

Around the world, Baptist Missions partners with other Church Associations and Partner Missions. In France we have a working agreement with the AEEBLF, in Ireland we partner with ABWE, Crossworld and WorldVenture, in Peru we have an increasing number of Peruvian Nationals serving with us and our missionaries in Spain are seconded to the FIEIDE. More details of these other mission agencies and church acssociations can be found below.

ABWE - Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

ABWE is an unaffiliated, independent Baptist missions agency providing like-minded churches with vital services to expedite their Great Commission ministry. We serve local churches by providing administrative oversight and training for the missionaries that they recommend to us. This includes member care, financial coordination, team building, professional training and general administration.



The Evangelical Association of French-speaking Baptist Churches is involved in maintaining good fraternal relations with other associations of evangelical churches, particularly in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

The Association is involved also in mission, supporting missionaries and maintaining special links with certain missions.



The least-reached people used to be hidden in deep forests and jungles. So we went to the forests and jungles. Today, they’re hidden in the slums of the world’s greatest cities and in the high rises of affluent capitals. So whether you want to reach the ultra-rich, the blue-collar workers or the poor and oppressed, today you go to the cities. In the world’s least-reached marketplaces, great need — and great opportunity — awaits.


FIEIDE - Federation of Independent Evangelical Churches of Spain

The FIEIDE is clearly evangelical in doctrine. It maintains the fundamental principle that the Bible is the Word of God, written by men divinely inspired and therefore free from error in its original writings. At the same time, this Confession of Faith set margins that allow different doctrinal nuances in matters of secondary importance. This is a rich diversity in FIEIDE while retaining its purely evangelical character.


World Ventrue

A catalyst is a person or event that quickly causes change or action. At WorldVenture, we find, train, send, and support catalysts who are filled with the Spirit and called to the unengaged, unreached, unchurched, and unwanted (marginalized) of the world.

We focus on those places where we can create the most change for the Gospel.